Flowers of Shade

Garden flowers that grow in shade

Garden flowers that grow well in shade

Garden flowers bloom best when they get enough sun. You would like to have flowers all over the garden, but some parts do not have enough sun. Here are some garden flowers that will grow in the shade. Alpine Forget-Me-Not – These flowers are extremely beautiful, and their azure-blue colour is magnificent for the garden. They can grow in complete shade and are easy to maintain. Jacob’s Ladder – These bell-shaped purple flowers grow year round, and can grow both in the shade and the sun. An excellent choice for the garden. Lungwort – If you want to cover the ground in early spring, lungwort is the perfect flower. These flowers open as pink and later turn blue, thus providing a lovely special effect. Tuberous Begonias – These come in a variety of colors viz. red, orange, white and pink. They thrive throughout summer and can grow very well in the shade. Cowslip Primrose – Add some artificial sunshine to your garden with bright yellow cowslip primrose. A perfect addition to a green garden.


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