The Secret to Longevity with Your Floral Arrangements

Beautiful yet simple floral arrangements

How sad it is to see your bright, cheerful floral arrangements drooping their heads. There are some flowers that last longer than others, but whatever flowers you love, there are tips to make cut flowers last longer. Getting your flowers to last longer starts with the cutting process. Cut your flowers early in the morning. When you’re preparing them for a vase, there are one or two secrets that can nip premature wilting in the bud.(Pun intended!) Cut the stems at a 45° angle, but for the best results with all your floral arrangements, cut the stems underwater. Simple but clever and effective; it prevents air entering the veins in the stem of the flower. For hot-climate flowers, change the water regularly and give the flowers a mist treatment with water. Some flowers such as tulips have trouble with water in the stem getting to the bloom. This is easily solved by piercing the stem with a needle in different places. These tips will ensure your flowers delight you just that little bit longer.


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