The Relationship of Flowers and Colours

Flowers and colours are deeply associated, and it can be seen that flowers and colours have a relationship that is timeless. Can you think of flowers being just white? Without the different colours, flowers would not look as lovely. Isn’t that true? Well, flowers are more or less related to love and romance which has many colours. There is the courtship with pink, or red roses, reconciliation with yellow tulips, and get well soon messages with lavender and purple orchids. If we go deeper into the meaning of flower colours they speak many things without using words. (1) Blue Flowers convey a message of forthrightness and calmness. (2) Pink flowers mean happiness. (3) Red flowers signify beauty. (4) Yellow flowers speak the friendship language. (5) White flowers stand for innocence. (6) Orange flowers mean a thank you note. (7) Purple flowers stand for pride. (8) Green flowers are a symbol of health and nature. So not only do flowers have a deep relationship with the colour it sports but for many, they are representative of a variety of meanings, for example, if you are an Australian not many flowers say Aussie like the kangaroo paw.

Flowers and colours : Kangaroo Paw


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