Creative garden ideas for small spaces inside and outside your home

If you have huge enthusiasm but a small space, then it’s time to think outside the box! There are literally hundreds of creative garden ideas for small spaces, and if you use your space intelligently, you can make it work. If you have an outside garden, then utilise the ground space so that you can spend time there. Seats that double up as storage, folding furniture, small scale arbours and outdoor mirrors will all create the illusion of space. Lanterns and solar powered lights will give your garden a cosy feel. Create your plant and flower displays on wall-mounted trellis or sticks and use hanging plants. Vertical herb or vegetable gardens look great and take up hardly any space. Add a few decorative flower pots in unused spaces and Voila! For those with no garden, it’s time to get inventive. Think of window boxes and containers of any kind to create your indoor oasis. Use galvanised buckets, tree stumps, recycled tins, glass jars and bowls, macramé hangers, metal trellis and terrariums. You can use all the rooms in your house and choose things to match your decor. Hang your plants from the ceiling, use them as bookends or create a vertical herb garden in your kitchen. You can use a variety of unusual plants like Bonsai or design your own Terrarium with cacti or air plants if you are short on gardening time. There is no end to the creative garden ideas for small spaces – you can even Create your own fairy garden for the kids, complete with minıature houses and toadstools. Happy gardening!


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