Me and Flowers

My name is Lucy, Luce to my friends. and this is my self indulgent blog to flowers.

I am a UK export to Australia been here 5 years. I am married to a great guy and have a lovely little boy Steve. In the UK I was s florist but not whilst worked a little here stopped when I had Steve and never really gone back – enjoyed being a full time mum. I am thinking of opening my own florist but that is not happening at this moment in time but the idea is there.

I love flowers, the colour, the scent, the way they make me feel. My home would feel empty without some flowers in it. I love casual arrangements, flowers in a jug with branches is one of my favourites. I often make wreaths at this time of year for friends and neighbours. I thought the blog would be a good idea for me to keep up to date myself and share some of the stiff I know and what I am going to find out. No plan for the blog just flowers! 🙂

If you want to comment, share or ask a question you are always welcome to, but please be nice everyone.